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Frequently Asked Questions

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When paying online using your credit card all of your information is entered into a secure SSL web page. Your information is then encrypted by SSL and sent directly to our payment service provider's network.

We accept payment by credit card. Checks and bank transfers are not accepted on the website.

Send us an e-mail to to find together the origin of the problem.


Your order will be processed as a priority by our dedicated team and you will receive an email to know the exact delivery date.

It is not possible to modify your order. You can send an email to our customer service at

You can check your spam folder. If you cannot find the email, contact the team at the following address


The delivery time is 10 working days.

Delivery is billed at € 9,99 per order.


Go to the Return Policy section of the site to find out how to return a product.

To request a refund for a product, send your request to customer service:


The Omega Club subscription gives you access to an online store with a wide range of products at special rates.

The Omega Club subscription is billed at € 29,95 per month.

Unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the Manage my subscription section.


Send us an email at